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What is Food Traceability, and how do I use it to protect my food production business?

November 20, 2023 | 2 Min Read

Food Traceability is the ability to track and verify a food product’s history to include the source of the bulk ingredients used during production, and it is accomplished by using technology along with enhanced record-keeping processes.

Food Traceability is key to tracking down the exact source of the food or ingredient in question, and finding where the finished food product has ended up. For example, if one of your food products is identified as being contaminated after it has left the production plant, you can proactively locate the affected items, remove them from circulation, and take steps to track down the source of the contamination. There are several examples of software available to assist your company with traceability actions. Note, though, this traceability capability by itself is reactive, not proactive. Meaning, it won't stop you from receiving a contaminated bulk ingredient load, it will only track down the source of the contaminated load.

RFID seals are a proactive solution that protects your company and your customers, and let's you know BEFORE you unload if the bulk ingredient cargo was adulterated during transit. Our Surelock Seals patented double-locking RFID seal can provide you with that peace of mind.

The FDA website provides guidance and information resources to companies that manufacture, process, store or handle food products. The mandate for your company to implement Food Traceability will go into effect January 20, 2026.

If you aren't sure the FSMA applies to your company, please review this previous post.

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