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Thinking outside the box with RFID: How to prevent issues from tampering or adulteration.

January 3, 2024 | 1 Min Read

RFID (radio frequency identification) can have many benefits for supply chains, including: • Inventory management • Asset tracking • Supply Chain Traceability • Automated Processes • Improved Checkout Experiences.

But what happens to your company when your cargo is tampered with or adulterated during transit? Do you even know if that happened? What are the consequences to your company, and your brand, if that happens?

You can know BEFORE you unload, with Surelock Seals. We offer the only double-locking, automated, non-battery RFID seal on the market… world-wide. Unlike other RFID seals or tags that can be sidestepped or repaired by the bad actor who broke the seal to access your cargo, Surelock Seals cannot be circumvented. If tampered with, it will mechanically destroy the RFID function rendering it impossible to transmit data and indicating your product was possibly contaminated or altered.

This capability gives you peace of mind so that you know BEFORE you unload; it helps protect your employees from risking life and limb climbing on trailers to check seals. To request more information, please fill out our Contact form.

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