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Stop eye-balling and start sensing

December 29, 2023 | 1 Min Read

Gone are the days when your team members have to climb on trailers to check seals. Forget the human error factor that is always in play - the mis-reading of the numbers, the desire to get in out of the wind and rain so they assume everything is fine... It's the safety factor that every company needs to worry about, as well as the issue that should your team member make a mistake, it could create a national health crisis that destroys your company's brand and reputation, and financial security.

RFID is the solution that removes the need for your team members to climb on top of trailers or over platforms, increasing plant safety, adding to efficiency, lowering operating costs, and eliminating operator error.

Our patented, double-locking seal uses RFID technology in a unique way. Normally, users want RFID tags to constantly read. Our seals mechanically destroy the RFID tag if anyone removes it to open the container to which the seal is attached. Even if the seal is re-attached, the RFID tag is permanently destroyed and will alert you that there has been a breach. You cannot circumvent our seal.

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