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Do you know where your Cargo is parked?

January 5, 2024 | 2 Min Read

Scenario 1: The moment your product leaves your manufacturing facility on the trailer, what happens next in the supply chain to it could nullify all the best efforts you took to make it food safe and the high-quality brand leader's reputation that you’ve earned.

Scenario 2: The moment that trailer pulls up at your manufacturing facility to unload, what happened to the cargo during transit is unknown to you… That trailer was parked somewhere on the road overnight, maybe even for a couple of nights, on its way to your manufacturing facility. Are you 100 percent sure the cargo wasn’t adulterated?

Like most busy professionals, you rarely give these scenarios a thought. Unless something goes wrong. But by then, it could be too late for your company and your brand to survive the ensuing media frenzy of bad press, the product recalls, and potentially even a factory shut down.

It is not just contamination that is a worry for you, though. Cargo theft is a huge issue for manufacturers and logistics companies. Should you refuse to accept the cargo if it appears someone bypassed the locks and accessed the contents while it was in transit?

Surelock Seals has the solution to both scenarios. We offer the only double-locking, automated, non-battery RFID seal on the market … world-wide. If tampered with, it will mechanically destroy the RFID function rendering it impossible to transmit data and indicating your product was possibly contaminated or altered.

This capability gives you peace of mind so that you know BEFORE you unload; it helps protect your employees from risking life and limb climbing on trailers to check seals. If you'd like more information, please fill out our Contact form.

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