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FDA Food Traceability Final Rule – – and how it impacts your company…

February 27, 2024 | 2 Min Read

The FDA Food Traceability Final Rule is one of the most complex regulations under the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. It covers the entire food supply chain and requires manufacturers, processors, packers, or holders of food on the Food Traceability List to maintain additional traceability records and provide information to the FDA within 24 hours. The final rule's recordkeeping requirements aim to identify and remove potentially contaminated food from the market faster, resulting in fewer foodborne illnesses and/or deaths.

Despite its challenges, the food industry must navigate the regulatory landscape and meet the requirements of the rule by the January 20, 2026, compliance date. With the goal of compliance, the industry must address the final rule's complexity, the broad scope of the Food Traceability List, and the conflicts between regulatory requirements and operational practices.

Traceability can either be upstream traceability, describing the movement of materials from the manufacturer to the supplier, or downstream traceability, describing the movements of products and steps from the manufacturer to the customer.

Establishing a traceability system is a regulatory requirement in the United States for all companies associated with food production and handling.

Ensuring that your traceability actions are proactive, not reactive, is critical to securing the movement of food materials in the supply chain.

To effectively implement both of these requirements, you must have a dynamic system in place to ensure that the bulk ingredients unloaded at your facility were not adulterated in transit.

Surelock Seals provides that system. We are your Out of The Box solution for food traceability and security, offering both handheld and stationary RFID reader options to fit your budget. Our RFID seals are attached to the trailer hatches after the bulk ingredient is loaded, and if tampered with  in transit, they will be permanently destroyed, informing you of possible adulteration.

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