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The Food Traceability List will impact your company – do you know how much?

January 12, 2024 | 1 Min Read

Food safety is the top priority for everyone in the food and beverage industry. To ensure that priority is given the proper attention, it's important that you and your company become familiar with the new Food Traceability List (FTL) issued by the Food and Drug Administration.

The Food Traceability List identifies the foods for which the additional traceability records are required. The additional recordkeeping requirements apply to the foods specifically listed on the FTL, and to foods that contain listed foods as ingredients, provided that the listed food that is used as an ingredient remains in the same form (e.g., fresh) in which it appears on the list.

The compliance deadline is January 2026. It's important to note that this FDA mandate is not a suggestion, it's a rule. And one that carries fines and other penalties for non-compliance. If you have questions regarding food traceability or the FSMA, check out this article on those topics.

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