Our double-locking RFID seal can be attached to most access points to help protect important cargo from being tampered with while in transit.


Our RFID reading system increases plant safety with remote verification – even in inclement weather.


Our system helps you verify the cargo by recording and documenting the electronic tamper-evident RFID Seals.


Our seals, RFID readers, and software reports discrepancies in tracking logs to assist you with FDA FSMA regulation requirements. We can customize our system to meet your tracking needs.


Give yourself the peace of mind and the system to help keep your plant from shut down with Surelock Seals.


Any Surelock Seal system can be customized with strategic seal placement for verifiable maximum security and safety of cargo.


The overhead system will automatically read each seal and the data is compared with data sent from the supplier assisting you in complying with the FDA’s FSMA regulations for food defense.


Closed Circuit TV is included with all customized systems for real-time visual monitoring and video is stored along with seal verification logs.


Our software is essential to transportation security as it provides real-time cargo scan monitoring and accurate reading.


Our system is built around our patented and unique double-locking, automated, tamper-evident RFID seal.


Removing the need for employees to climb on top of trailers or over platforms increases plant safety, adds to efficiency and lowers operating costs while eliminating operator error.

  • The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) involves people at all segments of the food supply chain, from farm to table and is in transition from law to total implementation.

  • "Keeping food safe, from farm to table, is at the core of our mission as an agency and at the heart of the preventive, risk-focused food safety system envisioned by the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)."

    MICHAEL R TAYLOR, FDA’s Deputy Commissioner for Foods and Veterinary Medicine
  • Under FSMA, our approach to food safety inspections and compliance will be fundamentally different. FDA will deploy inspectors who are specialized in specific food commodities, rather than covering a broad range of FDA-regulated products. Backed by technical experts, they will assess the soundness and performance of a facility’s overall food safety system. Achieving this will require a major reorientation and retraining of more than 2,000 FDA inspectors, compliance officers and other staff involved in food safety activities.

    MICHAEL R TAYLOR, FDA’s Deputy Commissioner for Foods and Veterinary Medicine



At Surelock Seals, our mission is to be an integral part of our nation’s safety by providing verifiable food defense services.

Through serving ingredient manufacturers, the trucking industry, and manufacturing plants we know that our final customer is the consumer. Ensuring public safety is on everyone’s mind. With newly passed legislation,  the FDA is quickly working to provide more oversight and verification of cargo traceability and food defense programs. We understand that safety and efficiency is imperative at every manufacturing plant. We know that no one benefits when a factory is shut down indefinitely or razed due to contamination.

Let’s partner for the sake of our food safety and healthy economy. We will always do our part to keep America running strong.


  • How does the seal work?

    Our patented seal uses RFID technology in a unique way for food defense safety to help comply with FDA FSMA regulations. Normally, users want RFID tags to constantly read but we have revolutionized this concept by designing our device to mechanically destroy the inlay if anyone has attempted to remove it or break open the container it is attached to alerting you that there has been a breach.

  • How would it benefit my company?

    COST SAVINGS including work comp claims, labor hours, human error, and plant shut-down costs. Your employees no longer have to climb up on the trucks or rail cars to verify the numbers on seals which eliminates accidental falls. Less labor force to man the receiving of cargo. It’s almost like an assembling line in the receiving department. No more writing down numbers for verification eliminating human error. In addition, it helps your company comply with federal FSMA regulations in food defense.

  • Is it expensive?

    NO! The cost of our overhead RFID reader system is a fraction of the cost of the inspection ramps on the market today.

  • How do I install the RFID overhead system?

    The overhead system installation differs from one company to another and each one is unique. We have a team that will do the work from beginning to end but there are some things that may be done by you if you wish, such as the installation of the mounting arm, running wire, etc. However it will be necessary for our representatives to install and test the final stages. The installation process is discussed prior to purchase so you will know exactly what it entails for your application. We strive to keep the costs as low as possible for our customers.

  • How long does it take to install the RFID overhead system?

    Each situation is unique, but a normal installation can usually be done in two to five days.

  • What warranty do you offer?

    The overhead reader, camera and hand-held are covered by the manufactures warranty.

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